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Photos from FHM magazine

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Taiwan FHM magazine cover with Maria OzawaHere’s some images from the recent Taiwan FHM issue featuring Maria Ozawa. Four big scans from the magazine itself and a couple of other images from the FHM website. Scans are by a group/person called antscan?

almost nude hugging a teddy bear with only american football and black knee high socks
laying on bed pretty Maria tiger tattoo

Rough translation for the last three images was provided at the javtalk forums by user Clonie, thank you:

Is this your first movie on the big screen?
That’s right, I am very excited. In addition, this is my first foreign non-Japanese movie, so I am very excited and anxious.

Are you mindful of the criticism of your movie performance from other people?

Initially, I was quite mindful and worried how people will judge me due to my work in JAV. However, I got over it gradually because the entire movie crew was great. I am very happy to be given this opportunity to work with them. They treat me well and take very good care of me, and this is enough. The movie critics did not really focus on me, so it’s still quite alright. Anyway, I am only concerned with the thoughts of people who know me personally. As long as they feel it’s good, what others say is of little importance. I am very happy the director praised that I was very good.

“I am only concerned with the thoughts of people who know me personally. As long as they feel it’s good, what others say is of little importance.”

Are you able to walk in a straight line now?
Ah, that is very difficult. I tried it before at my previous job, I did not deviate too much, but it’s still difficult to walk properly.

Can you walk with a book on your head?
Ah, that is really beyond my abilities, haha.

Have you ever dream of being a model? Why?

No, I am not really interested in the modelling industry, I only thought of being one when I was very little. My mum, on the other hand, wanted very much for me to be a model. However, I do not wish my personal life to be affected by work. In my impression, models do not have much of a personal life. The reporters/paparazzi will chase after you constantly and you must put in a lot of effort to maintain a good skin complexion. To maintain a nice figure, one must slim down. go on a diet and even attempt plastic surgery, I can’t handle such a lifestyle. I feel life should be more free and relaxed.

“I hate and am very afraid of ghost. I can’t even sleep by myself after watching a horror movie”

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