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Restraint Chair Lesbians in June?

May 25th, 2009 · 5 Comments · DVD, News

Bondage lesbiansI couldn’t find the disc listed anywhere else (not even the studio’s site… the picture is from some kind of blog of theirs I think EDIT: which is here ) even though the release is supposed to happen in 19th of June (and no cover), but YesAsia has for pre-order a Maria Ozawa movie called 拘束椅子Lbian (DDT-235) from the studio Dogma and directed by TOHJIRO. I think the title of the movie translates into something like restraint/binding/bondage chair lesbian. It seems to star Maria Ozawa with Yuka Osawa (大沢佑香) aka Hitomi Nishikawa (西川ひとみ). I’m familiar with Yuka from one rough anal movie and a quick look at Dogma’s site makes it seem she likes vomit enemas and playing a human toilet…

You can pre-order the disc from YesAsia.

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  • cello

    is it the same as DDT178 (Restraint Chair Legend Maria Ozawa) ?

  • Nobody

    No, it should be a completely different movie. I guess similar to that previous movie but this time with lesbians. :P It is strange though how the only place which has it listed for sale right now is YesAsia and the supposed release is only three weeks away.
    Here’s the link where I got the image, it looks like Dogma’s blog of some kind.

  • cello

    Yes, it’s totally a different movie. Thx.

    Btw, here’s another link :

  • Max

    Yuka Osawa is actually really popular in Japan. She’s makes tons of movies in every concievable niche, as you noted. She also regularly does movies for the likes of Moodyz and SOD. She even worked for S1 back in 2006. This should be a really good pairing, I expect this movie will be really hot!

  • Nobody

    Thank you for the link cello, and to both of you for the comments.

    I have to admit I’m not very familiar with the rest of the Japanese porn industry outside Maria Ozawa. :P I have some films, but I like to own original DVDs, which are just too much of a trouble to get or just cost too much (compared to what I would have to pay if I lived in Japan). Except maybe now that YesAsia has started stocking some of them.

    I actually visit your site quite often Max, drooling at the cover images. ;)

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