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Non Stop Orgasm ポルチオエンドルフィン 小澤マリア 限界体勢 pictures

July 7th, 2009 · 3 Comments · DVD, Images

And here’s some Maria Ozawa pictures from the NON STOP ORGASM ポルチオエンドルフィン 小澤マリア 限界体勢 film that is going to be released July 24th.

black dress black stockings Maria Ozawa in pink bikini
needles fucked reverse cowgirl

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  • Glassshard

    Looks great! I’m thinking this was filmed way before she got her hair dyed. I love the new hair but this look of hers is priceless!

  • Nobody

    Did she actually dye the hair? I mean, I have no idea. :D I just figured it would be a wig. If you’re referring to the blonde one that is. She sort of reminds me of Jessica Alba (when she is blonde) with that blonde hair, which isn’t a bad thing at all… ;)
    I haven’t been checking her official blog as I can’t understand Japanese so I have no idea how her hair has looked in the photos there over time. And who knows when these films have been shot.

  • Glassshard

    Yup! It looks close to the color of her wig in Tokyo Ageha but of a darker shade I think. I’m guessing her company wouldn’t want her to do something that drastic as go completely blonde.
    There’s an English translation of her blog over at Dailyjav.

    They’re on break right now so her latest blog entries have yet to be translated. But you can still check out the previous entries where she shows off her new look.

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