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Masturbation Paranoia | オナニー・パラノイア

August 20th, 2009 · 4 Comments · DVD

In September 19th Dogma will release a Maria Ozawa movie called オナニー・パラノイア / Onanie paranoia which I suppose translates into something like Masturbation Paranoia. As the name suggests it seems to be only a masturbation video without any actors or actresses besides Maria Ozawa and some dildos. Unfortunately I was unable to locate a cover yet, but for some example on what to expect, here is the previous Dogma release in the same series . You can pre-order the Maria Ozawa disc from YesAsia.

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  • Strontium Dog

    … but we want more hard stuff. Anyway, AVGP
    is coming soon)

  • Roger de Lodger

    Another waste of talent. She needs to get away from this kind of thing, and get back to hard fucking with men.

  • Strontium Dog

    …fucking with men and more ACTION!
    But she experiments. Monsters, vomit (omgwtf), fights, shemales… What next?

  • Glassshard

    It doesn’t really matter what she does as long as it’s her.
    I think the ‘experimenting’ with other, or more appropriately, more deviant genre shows exactly how passionate she is about the industry and how she likes to keep things ‘fresh’, so to speak.
    They feel more like commercials in between the usual stuff. Besides, most of the other stuff have pretty crazy themes more for the entertainment value than the actual sex.

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