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Still alive

March 4th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Maria Ozawa online

Me that is. Maria Ozawa is as well, of course.

Not sure if you noticed(!), but it has been a long time since I have updated anything here. Let me think of some excuses… umm… yeah, well, been busy with real life stuff. You know. ;) And was sick for a couple of months. I also like being lazy and then there were those games… Dragon Age Origins and Mass Effect 2. The world needed a savior (in the games) and I had to answer the call! ;)

But I’m back!

There have been quite a lot of Maria Ozawa movie releases in the meantime, although it looks like the well is drying up. I hope it isn’t because of her moving away from porn. Anyways, I suppose I should write them (the releases) down at some point (soon I hope) just in case somebody hasn’t already seen them.

I’ll try to do something before the expansion Awakening is released for Dragon Age later this month (16th if I remember correctly although I wouldn’t be surprised if there were delays). ;D


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  • Rockin Dude

    Welcome back. Was going to erase your link but did not for some reason. While you were out, other maria sites stepped up. That US and Blogspot maria site seem to be fighting it out. Better start bringing the A game if you want you loyal fans to return. For now, I am happy u r back.

  • cello

    welcome back bro…. glad to see you again…

  • chencai

    welcome back big brother
    still looking this webside as a Maria Ozawa’s fans

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