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Invitation Only movie Blu-Ray “review” and images

January 5th, 2011 · 2 Comments · HD, Images

I finally got around watching the Taiwanese slasher film Invitation Only starring (well, her role is actually very small…) Maria Ozawa. Saw it from the Taiwanese Blu-Ray that was released in late 2009 (and which I have owned for quite some time). The film itself was basically what I was expecting, meaning not the kind of stuff I enjoy watching. :P It is not that the stuff in the film (it has some slasher elements but goes to the “torture porn” territory) would bother me but I don’t see much point to it I guess. Watching someone have pieces of their cheek cut off with a knife doesn’t interest (or excite…:P ) me at all but it ain’t that horrible either (obviously as long as it isn’t really real…). I would have passed but since it has Maria in it there wasn’t a choice. But like I said, her role is very small and in total probably worth of only a couple of minutes. She does look great though and speaks English well (most of the movie is not in English).

The Invitation Only Blu-Ray disc from Taiwan is of good quality (as you can see from the images below) and I’m sure looks quite what it should. There is some heavier grain in the darker shots but that is likely how it is intended. As I said the movie features some English dialogue (mainly from Maria Ozawa and the American guy) but most of it is in Chinese(?). English subtitles are provided for the entire movie. No extra material is present. As far as I know this (Taiwan, both DVD & Blu-Ray) version of the film is uncut unlike some other releases from other countries.

You can get the Blu-Ray from Yes Asia (just add something to go over $39 and the shipping is free). A 2-disc special edition DVD is also available. YesAsia’s site also has a long review of the movie available.
EDIT: The Blu (and the 2 disc special edition DVD as well) is probably out of print now, you might have luck with Ebay. However there is a region 2 DVD available from if you don’t absolutely need it in HD.

By clicking on the thumbnails below you can see images that have been taken from the Invitation Only Blu-Ray release and are presented in the full 1080p HD resolution (1920×1080) so they might load for some time depending on your connection speed. They have not been manipulated in any way.

Maria as Dana in a magazine in Invitation Only reading the magazine walking down the street
supermodel Maria Ozawa advertising diamonds what a view Blu-Ray screenshots
suck that finger Maria Ozawa dancing Maria revealing her beautiful breasts
riding nude having fun after sex

Please don’t directly link to any of the big images. If you want someone to see them link to this post instead, please, thank you.

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  • chencai

    i have seen this movie too only want to see maria Ozawa, as the writer said her sreem is small.
    but i like her showing and insist to support her .

  • john

    hi.i cant speak english very well and i cant to pay for your movie.because i was filtering here.

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