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Glamorous Sex (グラマラスセックス) DVD

May 12th, 2011 · 4 Comments · DVD, News

New (unfortunately) censored movie from Japan in a long long time will see the light of day in June, 15th to be exact. Glamorous Sex (グラマラスセックス) is the title and the company behind the release is Wanz Factory. Couldn’t find the release yet from Wanz’s own site but below is the cover for it (click for a slightly bigger version).

Glamorous Sex (グラマラスセックス) DVD WNZS-165

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  • Mark Chopper

    A censored version of “Red Hot Jam Vol. 104″ (just take a look at the pictures)… What’s the point ?

  • Nobody

    Thank you for the comment! And damn, you’re right. No wonder the dress (here ) looked so familiar. :P I think they did the same thing with some other Maria Ozawa movie as well, several months ago (not sure if it was the same companies though).

    I suppose it has to make some sense in Japan, but of course isn’t good for us “foreign” fans. I also have to wonder how a film shot like it was meant to be uncensored will look like when censored (meaning maybe there’s more closeups of the action which obviously doesn’t really look very nice censored :D)

    I’m not very familiar on how the uncensored versions are handled in Japan, but from what I have understood none are sold publicly anywhere? What about foreign online stores, can the Japanese order them safely without customs seizing them if spotted?

    Oh well, this should be out in two days, maybe if it becomes available for download somewhere I could compare it with the uncensored version (maybe it has been cut differently, or features something extra… maybe not). Don’t feel like spending $40 or whatever it would cost to get it, if its like the Red Hot Jam disc I already own (except censored). :)

  • zonson

    why maria pussy hidden????????

  • Nobody

    That’s the Japanese way. ;)

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