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Glamorous Sex (グラマラスセックス) DVD

May 12th, 2011 · 4 Comments · DVD, News

New (unfortunately) censored movie from Japan in a long long time will see the light of day in June, 15th to be exact. Glamorous Sex (グラマラスセックス) is the title and the company behind the release is Wanz Factory. Couldn’t find the release yet from Wanz’s own site but below is the cover for it (click […]

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Catwalk Poison Vol. 2 DVD & Blu-Ray (uncensored 3D)

April 5th, 2011 · 1 Comment · DVD, HD, Uncensored

As mentioned in the previous post, there are more new uncensored stuff coming out. 15th of April will be the day the studio Catwalk releases both DVD & Blu-Ray versions of movie called Catwalk Poison Vol. 2. It is uncensored and as a bonus the Blu-Ray disc features a real 3D version of the movie! […]

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Encore Vol. 20 DVD & Blu-Ray (uncensored)

April 5th, 2011 · No Comments · DVD, HD, Uncensored

Woah! It seems a new uncensored Maria Ozawa DVD has slipped past my sensors. This one is called Encore Vol. 20 and was released 23rd of March so I’m two weeks late! There will also be a Blu-Ray release of it in 15th of April (not sure though if they are exactly the same except […]

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Recent movie releases… or the lack of…

May 15th, 2010 · 5 Comments · DVD, News

Okay, maybe I have missed it somewhere or not, but I wonder if Maria is quitting porn or (hopefully) just having a longer break from it? I mean… it looks like the latest new release* that isn’t just a compilation of earlier releases (with multiple of different actresses) was like a month ago and there […]

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Invitation Only DVD

September 6th, 2009 · 5 Comments · DVD, News

The Taiwanese slasher film Invitation Only is now available for pre-order from with English subtitles included. The YesAsia page also has some images from the movie. Taiwan Cinema’s first stab at a slasher film, Invitation Only gleefully packs in the genre staples for a fast-paced splatterfest of blood, sex, and gore! New-generation director Kevin […]

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Agent Maria Ozawa and masturbation cover

August 29th, 2009 · 3 Comments · DVD

In September 5th M.O. will be featured in movie 麻薬捜査官 ヤク漬け膣痙攣 小澤マリア from I Energy/SOD. Looks to be some sort of agent thing going on or something. The cover is below.

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Masturbation Paranoia | オナニー・パラノイア

August 20th, 2009 · 4 Comments · DVD

In September 19th Dogma will release a Maria Ozawa movie called オナニー・パラノイア / Onanie paranoia which I suppose translates into something like Masturbation Paranoia. As the name suggests it seems to be only a masturbation video without any actors or actresses besides Maria Ozawa and some dildos. Unfortunately I was unable to locate a cover […]

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Red Hot Jam Vol. 104

August 20th, 2009 · No Comments · DVD, Uncensored

Tomorrow (21st of August) will be the release date for Maria Ozawa’s uncensored Red Hot Jam Vol. 104 DVD release. Looks to me it just contains some of the clips already available at 1pondo and, but personally I’m happy to get them on an actual DVD. has the disc for pre-order and there […]

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Sports on DVD and office ladies on Blu-Ray

August 1st, 2009 · 1 Comment · DVD, HD

If the previous three new Maria Ozawa movies and covers weren’t enough, here are the covers for the two TMA releases I announced almost a month ago. First one, スパッツアスリートしか見たくない!4時間, is released on DVD only in 18th of September and seems to have a sports theme. Second disc called 黒ストッキング女子社員 has a release date of […]

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Soapland 小澤マリアのソープしちゃうぞ

August 1st, 2009 · 3 Comments · DVD, News

And finally the third new Maria Ozawa release. Soapland / 小澤マリアのソープしちゃうぞ from Crystal Online/e-kiss. Release date 18th of September.

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