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Masturbation Paranoia | オナニー・パラノイア

August 20th, 2009 · DVD

In September 19th Dogma will release a Maria Ozawa movie called オナニー・パラノイア / Onanie paranoia which I suppose translates into something like Masturbation Paranoia. As the name suggests it seems to be only a masturbation video without any actors or actresses besides Maria Ozawa and some dildos. Unfortunately I was unable to locate a cover yet, but for some example on what to expect, here is the previous Dogma release in the same series . You can pre-order the Maria Ozawa disc from YesAsia.


Sky Angel Blue Vol. 22 uncensored Blu-Ray

August 20th, 2009 · HD, Uncensored

Maria Ozawa will soon get her first uncensored Blu-Ray release. The Blu-Ray is titled Sky Angel Blue Vol. 22 and seems to actually be the previously released Sky Angel Vol. 87 in HD transfer. has the disc up for pre-order and as usual there are some images from the movie available for registered users. And remember the registration is free.

Sky Angel Blue 22 with Maria Ozawa skyhd022

Release date for the Blu-Ray is 3rd of September.

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Red Hot Jam Vol. 104

August 20th, 2009 · DVD, Uncensored

Tomorrow (21st of August) will be the release date for Maria Ozawa’s uncensored Red Hot Jam Vol. 104 DVD release. Looks to me it just contains some of the clips already available at 1pondo and, but personally I’m happy to get them on an actual DVD. has the disc for pre-order and there are some images available as well for registered users (registration is free).

Maria Ozawa on Red Hot Jam Vol. 104 DVD rhj104

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Sports on DVD and office ladies on Blu-Ray

August 1st, 2009 · DVD, HD

If the previous three new Maria Ozawa movies and covers weren’t enough, here are the covers for the two TMA releases I announced almost a month ago. First one, スパッツアスリートしか見たくない!4時間, is released on DVD only in 18th of September and seems to have a sports theme. Second disc called 黒ストッキング女子社員 has a release date of 11th of September and is Blu-Ray only with office ladies. As you can see, the discs feature several other actresses as well and not just Maria Ozawa. Maria probably has only one scene on each of the discs.

Maria Ozawa sports cosplay t28-157 dvd cover
Maria Ozawa office lady Blu-Ray cover HITMA-17

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Soapland 小澤マリアのソープしちゃうぞ

August 1st, 2009 · DVD, News

And finally the third new Maria Ozawa release. Soapland / 小澤マリアのソープしちゃうぞ from Crystal Online/e-kiss. Release date 18th of September.

Maria Ozawa in Soapland 小澤マリアのソープしちゃうぞ ekdv056 DVD cover


Cat Fight Club

August 1st, 2009 · DVD, News

Second new Maria Ozawa release is some sort of fight club spoof or something from Soft On Demand called Cat Fight Club. Looks like it is lesbian only. Release date is 20th of August.

Cat Fight Club with Maria Ozawa sdms841 DVD Cover


「女の口は嘘をつく。」 雌女ANTHOLOGY #072 小澤マリア

August 1st, 2009 · DVD, News

Took a little pause from updating and of course more Maria Ozawa movies were announced during that time. :P

「女の口は嘘をつく。」 雌女ANTHOLOGY #072 小澤マリア will be released on 7th of August. I have a few discs from this Anthology series and they are sort of like the POV (point of view) discs there are in american porn for example. There are five different stories in which Maria will be dressed in different outfits and engage in different sexual acts. Probably only couple of the stories feature intercourse while at least one is most likely only blow job.

Here is the cover for the release:

「女の口は嘘をつく。」 雌女ANTHOLOGY #072 小澤マリア DVD cover

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Sky Angel Blue Vol. 20 uncensored Blu-Ray

July 21st, 2009 · HD

Sky Angel Blue Vol. 20 with Koyuki Hara in High DefinitionSky High Entertainment might release an uncensored Blu-Ray of Maria Ozawa in the near future, as it looks like they are re-releasing some of their earlier titles on Blu-Ray and Sky Angel Blue Vol. 20 (originally Sky Angel Vol. 86 SKY-131 released couple of months ago?) with Koyuki Hara seems to contain some sort of bonus with Maria in it (maybe from her Sky Angel vol. 87). I just hope that bonus won’t be the only thing we get of her in the Sky High’s new Blue series.

Sky Angel Blu Vol. 20 is available for pre-order from but remember the disc is about Koyuki Hara, and NOT Maria Ozawa who probably has only one short bonus clip or something on the disc.

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Milk4Sports みるスポ! 小澤マリア DVD in August

July 17th, 2009 · DVD, News

Milk 4 Sports みるスポ! 小澤マリア pms146 cover

Another Maria Ozawa movie announced for the month of August. Milk4Sports / みるスポ! 小澤マリア by Milkyprin(?) (couldn’t find any info from their website about the disc, but I’m sure there’ll be something later) with a release date of 7th of August. Despite the sports title, the movie seems to feature Maria Ozawa mostly in different swimsuits.

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Two releases from TMA in September, one in high definition

July 9th, 2009 · DVD, HD, News lists two new Maria Ozawa releases from TMA, both will be available in September. First one called 黒ストッキング女子社員 will be on Blu-Ray only! Second one on DVD and called スパッツアスリートしか見たくない!4時間. Both discs seem to contain lots of other actresses so I wonder if these two have completely new scenes for her or just something taken from the previous releases. As far as I can remember Maria has only done one disc with TMA, the swimsuit one, from which they already used a scene in a compilation Blu-Ray released couple of weeks ago. This new Blu-Ray title translates into something like (at Babelfish) Black stocking woman employee, while the DVD has something to do with sports (so maybe they are just going to re-use something from the swimsuit release?).

If anybody with knowledge of Japan would like to help, the TMA website here (the page content will most likely change soon) has some text regarding the two releases and I wonder what the text says. The Blu-Ray is the one listed fifth and the DVD is listed seventh.