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Non Stop Orgasm ポルチオエンドルフィン 小澤マリア 限界体勢 pictures

July 7th, 2009 · DVD, Images

And here’s some Maria Ozawa pictures from the NON STOP ORGASM ポルチオエンドルフィン 小澤マリア 限界体勢 film that is going to be released July 24th.

black dress black stockings Maria Ozawa in pink bikini
needles fucked reverse cowgirl


Tokyo A・GE・HA 05 pictures

July 6th, 2009 · Images

Some pictures from the movie Tokyo A・GE・HA 05 which will be released July 17th.

Maria Ozawa in Tokyo vibrator tiger tattoo
Maria Ozawa nude breast sucking doggie style cock in her mouth


Preview picture galleries for three upcoming movies

July 6th, 2009 · DVD, Images

Links to three picture galleries for upcoming Maria Ozawa movies.

Dogma’s vomit movie… (イラマレディ 4連続イラマチオ&ガチンコSEX 小澤マリア), release date July 19th:

6 hour orgy movie (MOODYZファン感謝祭 バコバコバスツアー2009 S級AVギャルのハメまくり大乱交!!), release date August 1st:
(Thanks to JAV City for the link).

GOD presents Vip★Star STAGE 11, release date August 7th:
(There are 23 three images plus the cover, just move the mouse over the big picture and the links to the smaller ones should appear.)

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Model Collection select… 62… 68

June 30th, 2009 · HD, Uncensored

Looks like has put out another uncensored Model Collection HD video of Maria Ozawa, this one numbered 68. It doesn’t seem to be completely new though, as it looks like it has at least some parts of the earlier #62 release. The previous vid was about 1 hour in length while this new one is around 1½ hours. The older release is now finally available at 1pondo’s English section, but the new one is (I think) only at their Japanese language site.

You can find the videos at 1pondo’s website.

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Pictures from the In Back / アナル快感伝道師 小澤マリア

June 29th, 2009 · Images

Here’s some pictures from the upcoming release of In Back / アナル快感伝道師 小澤マリア by Cobra/Waap, with a release date of 5th of June, and mentioned earlier here. Still don’t have any idea if Maria Ozawa takes a cock in her asshole or not. The disc doesn’t seem to be listed at YesAsia, at least not yet, but perhaps Squareplus or J-List will stock it.

Maria Ozawa licking his asshole oh yeah, suck it! Maria Ozawa fucking a guy in the ass
dress and high heels fingering male asshole Maria Ozawa fucked doggie style


Six hour orgy by Moodyz and puking from Dogma

June 27th, 2009 · DVD, News

Covers for two new upcoming movies. First one comes from Dogma in 19th of July, Japanese title is イラマレディ 4連続イラマチオ&ガチンコSEX and it is directed by TOHJIRO. Available pre-order from YesAsia.

Second one is a six hour orgy movie from Dogma and will be released first of August.


Erotic Documentary 女熱大陸 File.011

June 27th, 2009 · HD, Uncensored has today released a new uncensored Maria Ozawa video title Erotic Documentary File. 011 (Jonetsu Tairiku 女熱大陸 File 011). It is available from both the English and Japanese language sites, the Japanese one has some sort trailer or something as well. Seems to be available in 1280×720 HD with a total length of 75 minutes.

Erotic Documentary File 011 at Caribbeancom

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Two uncensored discs coming, maybe?

June 25th, 2009 · DVD

Some of you may have noticed that the orange XonAir ad box in the right sidebar, below the search box, has been advertising couple of new Maria Ozawa uncensored DVD releases for a couple of weeks already. Yet for some reason both covers take you to a page that claims “We are sorry but the requested item does not exist in our inventory.” I emailed XonAir and asked about the discs, but the answer I got didn’t really answer anything. Direct quote: “Items #10099366 “My First And Last Real Sex (Maria Ozawa) (bm261)” and #10099066 “Celebrity Model (Maria Ozawa) (bm228)” are currently discontinued by the studio.”
But I am quite sure I clicked on the Celebrity Model link the day it was added and even at that time no disc could be found at the site. The second disc appeared maybe a week later in the ad box.

Does anyone have any idea if the discs were actually released but maybe with so few copies that XonAir didn’t get any? Or maybe they are just delayed and will be released later?

As for the titles, the Celebrity Model looks like that uncensored video release by that came out almost two months ago, but perhaps this has some extra footage, who knows. My First And Last Read Sex cover is actually one of the promo images they used with Sky Angel Vol 87, but perhaps they filmed more scenes at the same time and those are coming out on this new disc.
Or maybe neither of the discs will ever come out. I really have no idea. :P

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GOD presents VIP STAR STAGE 11

June 21st, 2009 · DVD, News

Maria Ozawa Vip Stage 11 DVD cover VIS011Almost forgot to mention this. :P Maria Ozawa releases continue in August 7th with the GOD presents VIP STAR STAGE 11 release by Crystal Online. Official site doesn’t seem to have any info yet.


The Geisha

June 21st, 2009 · Images

Maria Ozawa as The GeishaRookie has some promo photos up for the upcoming release of The Geisha, coming next month and mentioned in the previous post. It stars Maria Ozawa with Aoyama Satsuki (青山さつき) and Kaede Mao (楓まお).
Click here for the pictures.

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