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Information about Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi, Japanese pornstar

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Here are some online stores listed from which you can buy several Maria Ozawa movies on DVD. Brief descriptions included.

Maria Ozawa Miyabi at
Very fast and reliable delivery (by courier) to destinations outside Japan, but high delivery costs. My latest packages have arrived through FedEx but I’m not sure if it depends on the country or not.
Unfortunately doesn’t ship adult titles outside Japan, which leaves only couple of titles available most of the time.

I’m saying most of the time because at times there are marketplace sellers selling their used and new discs and shipping internationally. I have bought several discs from marketplace and never had any problems. Most of the time the delivery from marketplace is by SAL which takes a couple of weeks to arrive.

Maria Ozawa at
Only few non-hardcore titles available from here. Reliable but I’m sure everybody knows that already.
The most important thing about this store is the availability of several uncensored Maria Ozawa and other asian/Japanese pornstar DVDs. International delivery was quite fast. Take notice that they will ship the discs without case and even cover unless you specify you want them when making the order (original packacing costs $2 extra per disc). Have ordered from them lots of times without any problems (always requesting the original case and cover as well :P).
Has only non-hardcore titles available. Very reliable service. Ships internationally from Japan, several different delivery options available. In English.
Sells some of Maria Ozawa movies available on DVD and ships internationally from Japan with EMS. Lots of discs are missing maybe because of higher amount of censorship (Squareplus seems to specialize in discs that have very light censoring), and few of the earliest discs are already out of print and thus are not even listed here anymore. Service in English.

Maria Ozawa DVDs at J-List
I unfortunately don’t yet have any experiences with this shop, but I would expect them to work just as well as the others. Ships internationally from Japan. Service in English. Lists several of the Japanese hardcore DVD releases.

Maria Ozawa DVDs at YesAsia
No problems with this store. Unfortunately only videos available are the few non-hardcore ones. Looks like they are now stocking lots of hardcore titles including Maria’s. And once again they have removed all the hardcore titles from the store. I have no idea why but this really sucks. Damnit. Ships internationally, from Hong Kong(?). In English. The prices seem lower than with the other stores.

Those wanting to get their films fast (as long as your internet connection is good enough I guess.. :) ) might want to consider one of the many sites around that have downloadable content. Sure they cost a bit more per month than some of the services like rapidshare or megaupload, but the price difference is not very much and I’d say is insignificant once you consider the amount of available content (over thousand videos on the best sites) that can be easily downloaded per day or month without extra hassle. Of course if you’re looking for one certain movie, you might have to check out a couple of different sites and might not still find it.
Personally I still prefer to own my movies as original DVDs, but for those who don’t care about such things, the download sites are probably much better and here are a few of them.

JSexNetwork site currently says they have 45! full length videos of Maria Ozawa available online right now, including 4 uncensored ones. And all that (and the hundreds if not thousands of other videos with different asian pornstars) can be had for only $33.95 per month.

JSEXACCESS currently has only 2 Maria Ozawa videos, but those interested in asian porn in general will surely find something of interest there.

JapanTOPAV has over 1000 Japanese porn movies online, including (currently) 8 with Maria Ozawa.

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  • Rich

    Nice work Maria … so much to see.
    Love You – Rich :)

  • Hartvig

    You can find some of her stuff in the US via and at least 1 title is available via under the japscat listing. I couldn’t find her stuff under golden showers but the title they’re listed by might not be the same. Lovelot is all burned DVD-R stuff but they’re pretty reliable & inexpensive.

  • Andy

    Can you update your shop-list, please? Most of them went offline many many months ago or don’t list M. O. titles anymore.

    Please get us some new shop links! That would be awesome!

  • Nobody

    Sorry for the late reply, been busy with other things lately and it’s not like there has been much happening with Maria. ;)

    Squareplus changed their domain, they are at now. They still have a few Maria Ozawa titles for sale and would probably get you some titles as a special order if you contacted them. As Maria hasn’t done any more movies and all her older ones are quite old, most of the stuff is now out of print and can pretty much be bought only from (who still won’t deliver internationally). You could get the used discs through services like (I have used them, works well) but that will cost a lot.

    As for the uncensored discs, AV Entertainments is still selling them I just have never used them so no idea how good their service is (got all the available M.O. discs from XonAir before they went down). It is probably fine though but I’m not guaranteeing anything. :P

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